Mass Payment Import


Has anyone made a payment importing using the API yet?

We get a file with account number, payment type, and amount. And we mass import this.

We are currently using “create payment”

We are seeing an issue where it’s applying payment to the invoice but not a sub invoice in that same invoice.

With this. If all invoices are paid on one account. then it will pay for the sub account.

Any Ideas?


Does help?


We were told it’s not finished. and it looks like it never will be. Last update was 2 years ago. This was the first thing we tried to setup. Also we were told it will add payment but not apply them to invoices.

Basically we were told we should make our on. By the onboarding team.


It is finished, in the sense that it accomplishes what it set out to do (import payments.) If you’re just looking to tweak the payment application part, there are API endpoints to apply payments directly to invoices, so you can go through and do those manually after each payment application as well.