Mass Email - Outage Notifications


What do people use to notify their customers about outages - after the fact? We can easily communicate to our customers by Site after Pulse. The problem is that once people are offline, we cannot send notifications by Site because no one is connected to that site.

What are others using to get around that issue?


We’re hoping that greater SMS integration will be possible for things like this. Twilio is already available in Sonar, but not yet for customer interaction, unfortunately,


We use Facebook and Twitter for outages. Both are available to people who don’t have accounts with these platforms and can be read on their smart phones.


Mostly, I’ve found that everyone has a smart phone nowadays, and can still get their email on their phone. V2 will bring some heavier SMS integration too.


The problem is that the Mass Email function by Site only counts customers that are connected to that Site. If the site is down, then nobody is connected, so nobody gets the email notification. I am looking for a way to communicate via email to people who are no longer connected to a site. What’s the best way around that?


Oh, gotcha. Yeah, that’s problematic - I thought it left the old relationship there unless there was a new one, but I guess it makes sense that it removes them otherwise every disconnected customer would be permanently left on their last site.

I’m not sure there’s a good solution yet, but I’ll add it to the list to think about. Maybe we just need to not remove disconnected users for a period of time.


That would solve my issue. 12 hours would easily cover any outage … even on the weekend.


We ended up creating groups and manually adding customers to the appropriate group. The tower site works for all customers other than the host house (in the case of a mini-pop) so the “site” functionality does not work for us for mini-pops and our MDUs where customers are connected to switches - we never got the “site” to understand what customers were attached so those had to be groups as well.


I assume we are talking “Parent Device” here?
I think the hold over is very needed. I would prefer longer than 12 hours, say 24 hours and suggest the text changes to Orange while it is in hold over.
I have also asked that the “Parent Device” field be editable. We can then add those customers on a switch, Hosts, etc manually. If manually added the text should be Red and we would know that is a manual edit.