Marking customer/inventory as ignore down in network monitoring?


We have some customers that like to turn off their equipment at night. We have been using Zabbix for network monitoring for a few years, and for these customers we just disable the ‘down’ trigger on their account so that we don’t get a notification about them every day.

I can’t find a way to do anything like this in the Sonar network monitoring. Claiming the notification doesn’t help as it gets cleared when they turn back on.

Is there some way to handle this in Sonar?


You can’t, currently. Other than just disabling alerting for customer equipment in general.


Is there a way to disable alerting in the UI? I know how to disable emails/SMS alerts.


Where do you mean?


I mean the little blue circle in the upper left turning red and showing notifications.

We are going to have to disable Sonar network status alerts entirely (and continue to use Zabbix) if we can’t block out these kinds of users. I do still need to have monitoring running as we’d like ServerPlus CSRs to be able to look directly in Sonar to check stats.


Yes, just don’t setup an alerting rotation to include customers and they won’t generate alerts.


Thanks, I didn’t realize that also applied to the web UI.