Map credential error


Appears in Safari only, not in Chrome. Does not appear to affect actual usage that I could tell.


Are you running the latest version? This should’ve been fixed a couple of versions back.


Ha - 0.5.5, which said ‘up to date’ on the dashboard.

I’ll update to 0.5.9


Hmm, should definitely have had a notification there if it wasn’t. I’ll check it out.


I’m running version 1.7.8 and this issue just came up for me - known issue again?


No, please contact support if you’re still seeing this.


support ticket submitted - thanks


Just a note for the next person with this issue, we were able to identify the cause of the issue - when I have Nord VPN turned on the error appears, when VPN is off no error.

They are working on finding out why but at least in the short term I can turn of VPN if it gets annoying