Line Item Not Showing on Invoice



I need to know how to get a promo line item to show up on a customer’s invoice when the promo amount is $0. Currently, nothing shows at all on their bill. Simply adding a recurring credit will not work as that will increase gross revenue incorrectly.
Anyone have this issue? Any suggestions?




Can you share some examples of when you might use this?

I’ve messed with this before without much luck, but I’d be interested to read your use case.



On our higher plans, we waive the modem rental fee. It is important to show the line item (Modem rental promo - $5.99/mo) followed by a monthly service amount of $0.

This way the client getting the promo sees the value of the “free” service or item.

We want all “free” items to be displayed on the invoice. It’s a monthly reminder to the client.


I agree, but isn’t that scenario most accurately represented with a 5.99 charge and then a 5.99 discount?

Assuming that is the case, I think the request should be for a different way to display and group discounts.


No. That affects the numbers for gross sales.

It’s also necessary when listing included services so that there’s a line item, but not a charge.


If it is a $5.99 service that you are giving away for free, should it not be included in “gross sales”? [Serious question]

Sonar seems to have many “work arounds” for things. Listing items with $0 charge feels like a work around in this case. Is that the ideal method, or perhaps would it be better to just request line items below a service, or a way to “include” services as part of a larger service (not necessarily a package, but a service that happens to include smaller services).


"If it is a $5.99 service that you are giving away for free, should it not be included in “gross sales”? "

Not when you get taxed on gross sales.

For other accounts, they do pay for the rental. This is to show what’s included in the price and how they aren’t paying for it in this plan, but would in another.


So, when you offer discounts, you have to actually reduce the price on the invoice to be taxed appropriately? I.e., if you want to offer a $100 service for $90 for the first 6 months, you need to see it billed as $90 only, and not as $100 with a $10 discount?




That sounds like a mess… and I thought my state liked to cause problems (MA).