Is Sonar for us?


We’re signed up for next weeks demo, but I wanted to ask a question. We are currently running a pretty basic WISP with about 4k sms but currently don’t use any type of authentication server. We set speeds in modules because the owners don’t want to put any money into anything. We’re really pushing to catch this company up with everyone else and your software has really caught my attention. Would we need a radius server to properly implement your software?


No, there are many ways to implement provisioning in the network without RADIUS. Check out some of the videos at for some ideas - you can use MikroTik, Procera, Saisei, Preseem, as well as RADIUS based implementations (or, in tandem with.)


@John_May We use dual mikrotik routers (CCR1036) at the head ends of our network on 1300+ Subs, seems to easily handle managing our 2Gbps+ load. We use mikrotik address lists and a set of mangle rules to automatically manage the users speeds and packages. (as seen in @simon’s screen casts, no radius required)

Two really good things about Sonar:
1, Extremely versatile, it can be setup in a billion different configurations to make it work however you want or need it to.
2, Strong API that lets you write custom modules if necessary to interact will most of your sonar users and/or data.