Is SNMP poller data saved by IP address for devices?


If we are polling subscriber radios with SNMP, how is that data saved / referenced? Is it by MAC address of the SM or IP address? Our IP addresses for SMs (on the management side) are served by DHCP and may (do) change from time to time when leases expire or radios reboot. If the IP address that Poller was using to gather SNMP data changes, do we loose all the history of that SM or is it somehow retained? Am I making sense with this question? Should we be setting all of our SMs to “make permanent” so we can retain history?

Related, we had our DHCP lease time set to 24 hours. If a radio goes offline for more than 24 hours, it looses its lease and we no longer poll it since there is no loner an IP listed in Sonar. For one, this makes it hard to tell what is down (since it stops reporting down with no IP address) but when it comes back up, have I lost my previous SNMP data?


No, it’s stored by the internal ID of the device in our database.