Is it possible to have Sonar email someone when a new ticket is created?

When a customer creates a ticket can it be set to email us to let us know, as we don’t get many tickets opened via this channel so it’s easy to miss them. Under ticket configuration the 2 notification options are just about someone posting a comment or replying to one but not when one is created. I could use a Webhook but just wanted to check if there was a way in the system to do it instead.

You would need to go to your personal profile. (3 dots at the top left and click profile.[]) click settings then notifications. Check the category you would like an email from.

Additionally, under ticket groups [] you would need to have a check next to the user you want to notify.

If there is no ticket group, then the Responsible user should get the notification.

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Thanks so much didn’t even notice the settings under profile as they were all turned off so that explains it. Group email notifications I did have on but wasn’t getting any of them so this seems why!

This is a comment for a slightly different question, but it relates. We use Slack, and we’ve set up a webhook to get an immediate notification in the appropriate Slack channel as soon as a customer creates a ticket via the portal.

We seem more attuned to those notifications (Slack) than those for email. This may be most helpful for newer users of Sonar.

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