IPs are not hyperlinked for one tower


Not sure how to even describe this but in the network section of Sonar, we are able to click on the IP address for our customer radios and that opens the radio page in another window. For one of our tower sites, the IPs are not clickable for the subscriber radios (but are for the tower). I’ve attached a screen shot. I can’t figure out where this setting is. For inventory, we have port 80 and “http” selected. The poller sees the radio and captures info, we just can’t click on the IP. Not a huge deal since we can copy and paste but the fact it works in every other tower tells me I am doing something wrong.

Doesn’t work:

Does work (different tower):


Typically when I’ve seen that it means there is no matching monitoring template.


That was my first stop as well. But, in the inventory, I am using port 80 and https and the monitoring template is referring back to that inventory item. I am getting SNMP stats from the radios.