IPAM - DNS Integration


Does Sonar have any IPAM -> DNS integration or walkthroughs?
We really need to get our DNS under wraps for our ipv4 but I’ll admit, I am a pretty large rookie at this part.
I’d prefer the simplest route possible but I’ve seen a few references to people using ipamPHP and PowerDNS to manage their strings. I’d prefer not to maintain two locations.

What is everyone else doing for this?


@KC1 At this time I don’t believe Sonar has any integration into DNS unless you tie in with API/Webhooks.

Now I’ve been working on some scripts to integrate in are management network with sonar with powerDNS that I plan on putting on github.


@Chris, that would be awesome! I’m sure alot of smaller / mid sized wisps would love you for that.


We used to use powerdns with custom scripts on our prior billing system, but Sonar makes it pretty easy to track clients’ IPs and pull them up, so we are actually not bothering with that anymore.


We use the phpIPAM / PowerDNS integration, which works great. We didn’t really find a way around running two IPAM systems, the reason being that when we need to make major changes to layout, like moving subnets around or combining them, etc, in Sonar you often have to delete things and recreate them elsewhere. It is too easy to delete something and then forget exactly what was there when you are recreating it. Those types of changes tend to be much easier with full fledged IPAM systems. As a result we use Sonar to track the customer IPs but not for much else, except what we need to monitor with the Sonar pollers.