Inventory Package / Components?

Is there currently a way to assign one inventory item to another?

We’re assembling radios: putting cards into MikroTiks. We technically have 2x inventory items, with one inside the other. I’d rather not have to assign a MikroTik and a modem separately to an account… but I’d also rather not avoid handling inventory until after radios are assembled so that one inventory item can be created. Is there a good way to handle this now?

Thank you, Chris

Someone may have a direct answer for you.
The only way I know is to not calling the cards inventory, but use custom fields to record the MAC Address and whatever else you need.

No, the entire inventory module needs updating

I talked to support a bit the other day, and they agreed there is value in being able to integrate inventory items. They said it is not something that can be done now, but that it would be looked at in the future.

So, I’m going to create separate inventory lists for the MikroTik and the radio cards. I’ll manually assign them separately to accounts for now, and eventually will group them for ease of tracking.