Inventory - cost totals and network site issues


So when we add items to inventory there is a default field that always lets you put in the cost of the items you are adding. Since we are putting in the cost (if we so choose) for each individual item, I would assume there is a way that we could somehow see the cost of the items that are assigned to network locations? Unfortunately as of right now, when I go to any of my network sites, then click on the inventory tab, I see all of my assigned inventory on that network site, BUT THERE IS NO VISIBLE area where I can see the cost of the items (individually or collectively). Additionally, why don’t network locations show up in the list of inventory filter options so that I can pull up everything assigned to a specific network site? The cost of inventory items doesn’t show up anywhere outside of the inventory menu, and since network sites aren’t selectable as a filter inside of inventory there is no way to see the cost of your items once they have been assigned to a network location.

This is kind of a big problem because for our tax reporting and insurance purposes we want to be able to put a value on our tower/network locations.

Is there any way to see the cost of the items that are assigned to our network locations? Or be able to select network sites from inside of the inventory menu so that we can see the values of our equipment in there?

It seems that logically network sites should be considered asignees since we assign our inventory equipment to them, but maybe I’m just missing something. Please advise.


Agree that the Inventory module needs to mature in many ways. I would add that in addition to seeing a total for the value of inventory at the network site, it would be beneficial to have a sum total of all CPE/SM gear in the field for each site. I know it is a snowball’s chance in hell for v1 but hopefully in v2 we’ll see it materialize?