Inventory, best practices?


We’ve found that the inventory system leaves a lot to be desired. But here are some basic functionalities i would like to know how best to do:

  1. Tech checks out hardware for the day. A tech would like to be able to scan his badge, (or inventory location QR or barcode, etc.) then scan a bunch of items(already in inventory) and then have those items automatically decrement the counters, and/or move the inventory items to the new location. As it stands, every inventory item must be scanned individually. Clicked on individually, then assigned to new inventory assignee individually. Sometimes if you want to get fancy, you can open up a specific model and scan multiples…
  2. Moving inventory items(and their assigned IPs) to a new house. Customer moves to a new house. Sonar unfortunately does not assign IPs to inventory(i mean it kinda sorta does), nor is there a way to move inventory from one account to the next with the IP still attached. Any API call that might do this?
  3. IP address history on inventory. When we do an uninstall, sometimes that device has an IP address we would still like to know.
  4. Monitoring, it would be nice for an Ip address to be assigned to an inventory item(see above 2 points), vs network site so that it doesn’t show as down in Pulse if all it is is an 80ghz backup that’s been configured as a critical spare, ready to be driven onsite at a moments notice, with a custom IP. Instead we have a ton of tower sites that must show as down if we wanted these spares.
  5. Inventory alerts, ideally we would like to eventually switch to a JIT inventory system. where we get alerts(maybe even to a webhook, or i guess we’ll have to forcibly create cron jobs using the API) when the inventory count for a certain item gets below a certain threshold.
  6. BLOCK NEW INVENTORY! this is fairly critical issue. We have certain model types that are one offs, or so seldom seen, the issue is that they are named similarly to something else, so when our inventory guys, or installers in some edge cases, add an item to inventory, they will sometimes use the wrong model type. So that we have to destroy this inventory item’s history, IP address, etc. to bring it to the true model. Thus, we need to block specific models from any new inventory additions. This allows us to slowly remove phased out inventory models from the add new system.
  7. Assigning IP address to inventory item on network site. Some network sites have 30+ of the exact same inventory, so we have to go through each one and then select the mac address from the drop down menu. This gets continually more impossible with more inventory items for each site.
  8. Assigning inventory items, and their respective IPs to a new site(network. accounts, locations, etc.). I’d like to be able to go to a network site or account and scan the items i have in my hands(again, not one by one scan a mac, click set assignent). If they are in my hands, they are at this site. If they have an IP, they have an IP. I do not want to chase all over timbucktoo to deassign IP addresses, and un assign an inventory item(which you have to do in the account, not the inventory module)

As it stands inventory in sonar is an absolute must, if not just for mac address and bookkeeping for accounts. And as it stands, inventory in sonar takes 3-4 times another inventory system that we use. I understand sonar can’t be everything, but with how critical good inventory practices are to running an ISP(customers like to run off with equipment). I would hope that inventory had a little more love than it currently has.


I personally would like to see the ability to change the model that the item is assigned to rather then having to delete it and re add to another model. A disable new item could be an ok added feature.


This one is very tricky because the fields are all unique per model and they often are not compatible, so it ends up being hard to move one item from a model to another.


Maybe a good solution would be to have an inventory merge feature. This would make the entire process so much more complex. But in this case, you would have old fields with a drop down menu of what to do with the old fields… either Drop the field or Move to new model field 1, 2, 3, etc. So that instead of sonar trying to figure out which fields to merge. The user does that instead.