Integrating Sonar with Calix EME

Has anyone fully, or even partially, integrated Sonar with Calix EME? We need the data from Sonar to flow to EME, and info from EME to flow to Sonar.

With the integration we could look at router info in EME and know what plans (data, voice, video) the customer is on, traffic history, and more.

Yes, I have.

@Daniel_Moore3 Could you elaborate on this? Do you have Sonar sending customer data back to the calix cloud?

So far, the only thing we’ve learned that Soanr can do is for us to manually create a report, download it, then SFTP to Calix. This must be done daily which kind of defeats the purpose of automation.

Then, there’s the reverse component that we don’t have a solution for. That is, the ability for clients to purchase services in the Calix app and have it push that data into billing.

If Calix wasn’t one of the largest hardware vendors, I could understand not having integration support, but they are. It’s insane really.