Inbound SMS


Where do inbound SMS messages go? Can we let customers open tickets via SMS?


They don’t go anywhere right now, it’s only for notifications for yourself. It’ll be expanded on in future versions.



Being able to send mass messages to customers regarding outages would be great. Also, inbound SMS for ticketing would be awesome too!


Definitely planning on all those things, probably won’t be until closer to 1.0, but there’s a lot I want to do with the SMS integration.


This is one of the selling points I’ve had in my WISP’s business plan the whole time. Why wonder and argue with Tier 1 for an hour with the big guys while our service will tell you itself when it’s down?


Automated SMS would be great.
Some customers have my cell phone some how and randomly text me. I do not have their numbers saved, I have no idea who they are and just ignore them and try to let customers know the proper way to contact us, but an automated SMS that can do outage notifications and auto-responses with networks status would be a great idea.


Where is this feature on the roadmap. I would love to send out outage notifications via sms.


We have this via GoCare. Hit up sales@sonar. software for now info.


I’d like to see SMS integration w/