Inbound Email Delay


We just started using the inbound “” feature and it works correctly, however, there seems to be a pretty big delay from when an email is sent to when a ticket is created.

When an email comes into say "" we keep a copy of it locally and forward it to “something@sonarticketingrocks” - but it can be 45 minutes or longer before the ticket is created in Sonar. There is no consistency to the delay from send to ticket - but it seems much longer than it should be.

We’ve done some troubleshooting and tested forwarding to a "" address just to see if it was our mail server delaying the forward - however, it will show up in that email within a minute or two so that seems unlikely.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

Is there anything we can do to try and mitigate that delay as we’d like to respond to people much sooner than the system would currently enable us to.


We do see a big difference from day to day.Sometimes you see the ticket and the email relatively quickly and sometimes there is a big delay. I thought it was our email server which we are taking down shortly, but it seems that maybe it’s not if you are seeing the same issues.


The best way to test this would be to just send an email directly to the Sonar ticketing address and see what happens.


I have run that test and there appears to be some variance with the time from submission to ticket creation - tried from our email server and trying from a account as well.

It all works - there just seems like the time from send to creation appears to vary and while 5-10 minutes may be reasonable a 45 minute delay seems like a problem.


If you’re seeing a 45 minute delay when sending directly to the mailbox, please send the details in to support and they’ll investigate for you.