If you run IPpay eCheck - Check for Declined Payments


There was a potential issue in 1.7.21 that was fixed in 1.7.22. If you run IPpay eCheck at all, please check for declined payments between 2/6/19 and whenever you upgraded to 1.7.22 (Released 2/14/19). You should be able to re-run the declined payments without issue after the upgrade… but they won’t re-run automatically.


2/6/19 and whenever you upgraded to 1.7.22 (Released 2/14/19)


Edited… looks like I’m still living in the past.


is this something we can run a report for either in IP Pay or Sonar?


You can just look at your payments report in Sonar and see any that were declined. I’m sure IPpay has one too but I’m not familiar with their interface.


I looked at the payments report, but I can’t see how I would know that something was declined. Seems like these are only payments approved.


There is a ‘Declined Charges’ report.


It was my understanding that IPpay does not “write” anything back to Sonar regarding eChecks. I’ve never had an eCheck show up declined through Sonar - I must always manually go into IPpay reports and run the settlement report (NOT transaction report) to check for any declines and then reverse them manually in Sonar. I believe there is a slight delay in the processing of eChecks so the initial response is usually “OKAY”. Once IPpay finds out from the bank that there is a problem, they don’t send anything back to Sonar to let us know its a no-go. IPpay used to send emails alerting that a check was declined but that doesn’t seem to happen anymore. :frowning: Please let me know if I’m missing something - would love to have this be automated!!!




It was my understanding that IPpay changed or is changing some components to be able to integrate and provide such feedback. It would be fantastic if Sonar integrated these capabilities.


Can anyone from Sonar input on this? We use IPPay and I’m interested in eCheck, but I haven’t been able to get a straight answer from IPPay or Sonar as to this process.

Echeck Declined Payments

As far as I’m aware, there is currently no API available to pull this data from IPPay.


I just called IPpay, and Simon is right, they have not finished integrating this into the API.

The current suggestion is to turn on email notifications for echeck failures until the API is updated to include this information. The person who I spoke with is checking on when that is expected to be completed.


This popped up on my radar again, checked in with IPPay support and they saw API functionality is done on their side and they don’t think Sonar is using it.

from IPPay support:

“The functionality for that is ready on our side, but we have not heard whether or not Sonar has integrated with the new API XML spec as of yet. If you reach out to them they should be able to tell you whether or not they have that ready yet.”

Can someone from Sonar confirm if this is the case or not? Thx!


We don’t have anything integrated currently.


Anything integrated now? We are going to start using IPPay Echecks so this would be helpful