How to schedule unavailable time, e.g., in meetings

I need to have time blocked out on the Scheduler for staff when they are in meetings or on conference calls. I’ve tried a couple different ways of doing this such as creating a Job, but that doesn’t apply, or Blocking out time, but then I don’t see that on the Scheduler. I’m sure the particular staff are not available for another job to be scheduled during that time, but the point is to be able to see it on the Scheduler/Calendar so that other staff know that we are unavailable during that time for phone calls and such.

I guess one work-around would be to add it solely to our Google Calendars, which I’m working to integrate with our Scheduler. So if that’s the best option, it would probably be okay.

I appreciate comments.

Fairly sure this is possible using blockers. Please send us a support ticket at so we can take a closer look at this issue.

Yep, schedule blockers would work

Thanks Saied and Simon. I’ll double back to the Blockers I had created.

We use a job type called Meeting at the network site for our office then we change it on Google Calendar. The schedule blocker blocks time on the Sonar scheduler, but it doesn’t work well in Google. Also, if the meeting end early or you need to change it (like the schedule blocker is for a whole day and then you have to send someone out for one hour), it’s too hard to change, you can just complete the job and schedule something over it. Schedule blockers are good for when people are out of the office.

Awesome, Martha! Thanks.