How does V2 handle customers with multiple addresses?

We have a lot of clients with rentals or multiple properties. We need to have each address in Sonar for FCC 477 reasons. We’ve been putting them all in with a dash and the first part of the address after the name. There are issues with this - If someone forgets the address after the name then there are two accounts for the same person. If people are paying attention with adding checks they can apply the check to the wrong account. Sometimes people send one check for their multiple accounts even if they aren’t linked. The customer can’t pay in the portal for both accounts if they aren’t linked because they only have one email address.

Have we figured this one out?


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The right way to handle this is with Parent/child accounts…support can walk you through setting these up and/or linking existing accounts together.

But then the customer has to pay them at the same time or with the same credit card or account, correct? They may not want to do that. One might be a rental that they pay with a business card and the other one might be their personal home. If the linking is handled differently in V2, I’d love to hear it. We are not in V2 yet

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Doesn’t have to be, the child accounts can have their own payment methods and the parent is still responsible for the entire bill. You just need to be mindful of delinquency settings with the child accounts if you want them different than the parent. Support can walk you through that.

This works in v1 or v2.