How do you issue a refund?


I had a client who had already paid for August, because he wasn’t certain when he was moving. Now that he’s moved and cancelled service, the system shows that he has a credit of $82.90 after the prorated amount. How do we refund this amount to his card?

I moved him to inactive, the system asked if I wanted the account prorated. I said yes. Now the credit is just sitting there. I would have thought that moving from active to inactive and prorating should have meant that I was asked if I wanted the balance returned to the client’s card. I guess this would also apply to people who pay checks and cash. How do we refund the money?



You click the menu next to the original payment, and choose ‘Reverse’, and make sure the option to refund is checked. You can only refund an actual payment that was taken, there isn’t a way to just take an arbitrary amount of money and refund it to the card.


The system is asking if I want to credit back the entire $87.48 instead of just the $82.90.


Yeah, that is the only option right now. If you want to do a partial refund, you’d have to do it directly in your credit card gateway today. You’d have to reconcile that in Sonar by applying an adjustment for the refunded amount. We have a feature request for partial refunds already, but it takes a while to go through all the supported processors and add it, so it probably won’t make it in for a little while.


When is this going to get fixed? Pro-rated accounts need to be able to issue partial refunds.


We’ll be working on billing again after 1.0 is released.


Any update to this?

We’ve had a lot of home sales and customers moving out/in. One customer auto paid for the month but is moving out today, I turned him off and it shows a credit of $52. Can I easily refund him that amount via sonar?


No, via most payment gateways, you can only refund on a specific payment, there isn’t any way to just give an arbitrary refund, so that type of ability is unlikely to ever exist inside Sonar.


The big carriers do it. I can go to any store and return any merchandise and they can refund any arbitrary amount. We can charge any arbitrary amount. I think we should have the ability to also refund any amount.

The alternative is a lot of extra work and reporting. Those are the things we are looking to avoid by using sonar. I would love to have that feature and I’m sure many others would as well.


That might be true, but it is still not available in a lot of the payment gateway interfaces :slight_smile: They only allow refunding against an actual payment that has been made.

Most do support partial refunds on a specific payment, but not just an arbitrary refund. It’s on the roadmap to allow partial refunds, but it’s still going to be a while. Best solution right now is to refund the entire payment and re-charge the correct amount, or do it through your gateway interface if they have the option.


What separates Sonar from the rest is the ability to do all the little extras just like this. Please continue to separate Sonar from the rest and consider this feature request.


It’s on the road map to allow partial refunds on payments. Not a case of not considering it, but we can only do what is available inside the gateway APIs.

So, in the case of partial refunds on payments, it is not only considered, it will get done.


Thank you, at least having it on the roadmap I can live with. Being told “not going to happen” was a letdown.

I can deal with “soon” or eventually for that matter.



I agree, Brian.

We are obligated to issue refunds back to the client’s card. In almost every circumstance, it will be an amount different than what was paid.


Simon, has this feature been added since the discussion ended last year? I’m new to Sonar and do have this specific situation often where I need to credit a pro-rated amount back to a credit card. I can do that through the Stripe dashboard (my processor) and perform the adjustment you describe, but that is cumbersome. Please let me know your progress on the road map towards this feature. Tim


No, it is on the roadmap for Sonar v2. You can check out most of the planned features in the feature request tool that is available from the dashboard in Sonar.


Simon, this is what is the most frustrating. Instead of important fixes, time is wasted on things like this “Integration with GoCardless is now available!” in 1.6.2. The GoCardless service is not even available to most of the world let alone any of the US.

Refunds, partials in particular, have been needed since day 1. We do appreciate the new integrations and features, but please don’t let them interfere with fixing the major problems that have been around for a long time.