How do you handle IP assignments? Static or dynamic from Mikrotik?


New to Sonar and have some best/common practice questions on IP leases as they relate to customers…

We use Mikrotik routers. Our radios are in bridge mode with static IPs on the management VLAN. Customers provide their own routers and in most cases, we hand them a private IP on their WAN port from our DHCP server. Each tower has it’s own VLAN and DHCP server. For those that need a static public, they hard code the IP into their router.

We do know all the customer owned router MAC addresses. We have not yet implemented IP management in Sonar but want to so we can better keep track of them as well as start using Sonar to handle speed packages and move delinquent users into an address list for non-payers.

How are you handling the IP assignments? Do you prefer to add a “non-inventory” MAC address to the customer profile and then have it assign an IP which it writes to the Mikrotik or do you let the Mikrotik write the dynamic IP back to Sonar and use the Inventory tool to add all the MAC addresses for customer routers?

I feel like I want to use the inventory module for equipment we own and control and use the non-inventory MAC feature for customer end devices…

This will lead into a secondary question about how to handle MAC addresses you don’t know about (customer changes out their router) but I’ll save that for later. Right now, we let our radios (ePMP) handle the QOS but we are thinking of moving that to queues in the Mikrotik so Sonar can manage everything and we don’t have to keep logging into radios.