How are you integrating Schedule Blockers with Google Calendars?


Unfortunately, Sonar doesn’t link schedule blockers to Google Calendars. For others who are also using Google Calendars, how are you dealing with that issue?

For example, I want to schedule a tech for 3 PM. I check google calendar and see that one of my techs is available at that time. I create the job, assign it to the correct tech, and then see that he isn’t available for that time on Sonar. I then check the scheduling interface and see that he has a schedule blocker set up for that time. This is inconvenient as I cannot be certain of my techs’ schedules just by looking at their google calendar.

Is anyone else having this same issue? If so, how are you best dealing with it besides just manually updating the Google calendar?


Is no one else using Schedule Blockers?


We do, but don’t leverage Google Calendar in that way so the issue doesn’t present as Daniel is experiencing


They will sync to external calendars in 1.4.25.


OK great, thanks for the update Simon :slight_smile:


What do you use? Just curious. Thanks


I think it’s more just a difference in process/needs… We don’t allow technicians to self-book and have standardized their availability times in Sonar, so we don’t need to qualify availability outside of what’s reflected in their Sonar booking calendar. We’re only leveraging Google Calendar for the techs to have the appointments available more natively in their smartphone OS so they can get push notifications & make quick reference.


Interesting…we need this to block time for team meetings, sometimes Tech have to take time off (vacation, sick or drs appts) and then they put in a schedule blocker, but if you are looking at the calendar you can’t see that they are off until you try to book them in Sonar. So I guess you are utilizing the Sonar Scheduling interface each day when you make appointments, which we find really hard to see availability even on a computer screen, especially for multiple days.


Yes exactly, we always work out of Sonar directly for scheduling. Maximizing drive time efficiency is a huge priority for us so utilizing the map screen split view in conjunction with drive time previews in the timeline screen is essential