HA Radius

Anyone implemented an HA Radius setup with Sonar?
Since Sonar does not inherently support multiple Radius servers for redundancy, we are starting to work on a way to accomplish this external to Sonar.

You can accomplish this with mysql replication between two different RADIUS servers. However be careful to have monitoring for the replication so that you have alerts if it fails. My experience is that various connectivity issues between RADIUS servers can break the replication and then you can run into the issue of the RADIUS servers being out of sync with each other, where some customers may not exist or customers that should have been deleted are still there, etc.

Yes, we do this the same way, with mysql replication. We have 2 servers on our network, and one external all synced. We don’t sync the accounting data to the slaves, since Sonar will only pull from the master anyway and it’s a significant amount of bandwidth to keep them in sync (it was 5mbit/sec steady last time it was enabled.)

You could probably also have multiple servers in the same location with VRRP and mysql replication as well.

We are using proxmox ve with the server in an HA group.

Is having support for multiple radius servers something sonar is thinking about doing? It would be nice to distribute load easily through sonar and categorization when you have multiple network segments that are geographically dispersed.

It’s in v2.