Group notifications


We are trying to figure out how to get the group to which a ticket is assigned to get email notifications. Right now, only the primary person on the ticket is notified. We need the group to be notified of a new ticket, ticket change, etc.


We are also trying to do this? I see you didn’t get an answer on this @Steven_Sugg. We used to have the email that the tickets were created with also fill an email inbox, but now we are moving to Gmail and Google doesn’t like it when you have too many people logged into one email box.
Have you figured something else out?


Hi @Martha_Huizenga & @Steven_Sugg,

I ran some tests just to verify. These will show up as both notifications in Sonar and emails as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. The user has ticket email notifications turned on in
  2. The user is a member of the ticket group you want them to receive notifications for.
  3. The box is checked for " Send a notification to the responsible group/user when a ticket receives a new reply. " on
  4. The ticket is not assigned to a user already.

Currently there isn’t any way to notify the group regardless of the assigned user. Once the ticket has an assigned user, email notifications will be sent to that assigned user only. None will be sent to the rest of the users within that group.