Documentation is now online at I’ll be adding some more details to it later, but this does show all the currently available information. has more details on how to use a GraphQL API until we get more info online. is also a good help article that some of the support team wrote.


is this a v2 feature, or feature that must be turned on?
I tried /graphiql at end of our domain, with no luck. (I get a “not found” error)

Yeah, this is the v2 API.

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@simon - In the v1 Framework we used HttpHelper to make API calls.
I’m curious if the v2 framework has such a thing for GQL?
Is it baked into the same HttpHelper?

I see the new portal here, but no mention of which API version it uses.

Update: I see that Sonar recommends us to use Guzzle directly to consume the API.
Documentation is here:

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