GPS Tracking Demo

Does anyone use the GPS tracking feature and would be willing to show me a demo or some screenshots?

We have a few customers who use the GPS tracking feature. With this enabled, you will be able to see your trucks on the map and in the scheduling interface.

Anyone willing to show some screenshots or demo what it looks like? How the trucks appear on screen etc

How can we get this enabled on our instance?

In V1, click on System on the left hand side and under integration click on GPS tracking.

Unfortunately this is not yet enabled in V2. I don’t have a timeline but the developers are working hard on getting this integrated.

We use Zubie with Sonar. I’m sure other services may have other informational fields available. We also can get into the Zubie app / web site and track where trucks have been, who is speeding, etc. Depending on the vehicle we also get alerts on things like low batteries, dashboard lights, etc.


Thank you!