Google Calendar

Are we able to integrate with Google Calendar today? Have items scheduled in Sonar appear in our google calendar.

Yes, each user can do so in their profile, under the ‘Integrations’ tab.

Awesome Thanks.

How about Outlook 365? I’m searching the forum but don’t see anything on it currently. I see on the MS site it is considered a webdav calendar, but if I try to set it up by a cut and paste URL it doesn’t seem to connect.

Maybe the CalDAV integration will work. I’m not sure about that one particularly, but we do have iCal and CalDAV integrations as well.

Yea, I was trying the CalDAV using the link to Outlook 365 calendar and no joy initially. I’ll circle back when I have more time. I was looking to see if there was a quick solution. Anyone else tried Outlook 365 yet?

Circling back to this. Has anyone setup calendar integration with Office 365 yet?

Any chance the built in Google Calendar integration will allow us to pick from our different calendars at some point? I’d prefer to have work stuff on a separate calendar that I’ve set up.

I’ve tried setting up integration through Google’s CalDAV, but am not having much luck there.

Did you ever get it working with Office 365?

No, we never got to it. We are making some changes and need to circle back to this.

We are rebuilding all of this for v2, so sit tight, I will check out if we can get it into Office 365 directly.

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Is Office 365 calendar syncing working with Sonar? Especially since Google syncing is broken…


I’m still waiting for the Google fix. We are already paying for Google. I’ve had a ticket open for a very long time. =(

Is the jury still out on how to get Sonar v1 to integrate with Office 365?

The most recent response from support:

Hi Brian,
Unfortunately there is no update to this functionality. The issue is still with our development team, and we’ll be sure to send out an update as soon as we’ve got a resolution.

:frowning: I guess we still wait.

I just got this from support:

Hi Mike,

Just doing a follow up email regarding Google Calendar integration. Recent Google policy changes now require additional auditing, regulations, and security checks for software integration with Google Calendar. We’re in the process to meet these new requirements which require certain certifications that will only be met with the V2 software. Because of this Google Calendar integration for V1 is unlikely though we are working to meet Googles new requirements so this function can be added into V2 down the road.


Well @Mike_Hammett1, that is encouraging. Probably what irritates me the most is that those of us who got our calendars integrated years ago still have that feature. Any new people are just So Outta Luck.
I’ll keep holding my breath. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What irritates me is that Sonar is essentially maintaining two severely broken platforms in parallel, with no end in sight.

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