GL Code Setup


How are you using GL codes for your services? I looked at our GL codes and there’s a lot of legacy stuff (dialup, old resellers, etc.)

I don’t necessarily need verbose lists, just conceptually what you do… until I can’t draw a picture with your words, that is.


We just use what we have set up in Quickbooks already.

There are a couple things I do to make it a little easier to stay organized, not sure if this is recommended practice for Quickbooks or not:

All our revenue codes start with 4. For example: 400-000 is our dialup revenue (yes, we still have a few).

403-xxx is our wireless revenue. I break it out like this:

403-000 is the main wireless revenue
403-00B is business wireless income
403-00R is residential

403-00B and 403-00R are sub-accounts of 403-000 in QB so our un-expanded reports just show the 403-000 line with the totals of all the sub-accounts, but I can dig deeper and get the residential vs business detail if I want.

We report our recurring vs one time revenues separately, so instead of using 403-00I for a particular type of install revenue, we have a separate account and sub-accounts for installation revenue. For example, 432-000 for the main installation revenue account, 432-403 would be wireless installation revenue. VoIP (407-XXX) install revenue is 432-407.

Other examples:

Web hosting / Colo income: 405-000
Web hosting: 405-00H
Colocation: 405-00C

Hope this gives you some ideas, would love to hear others.