Geotaxes don't work properly


Please find a way to accurately apply Geotaxes. The current method of geotaxes assumes that an entire zip code falls with the taxing authority. This is seldom the case. Franchise fees, or other specific fees/taxes are applied based up city limits, county limits, etc. Our zip code covers both city limits and county.

What most systems do is have you pick which taxes apply to the customer instead of just making general assumptions about the location.This way you accurately choose tax rates, can report, and pay properly.

The system also needs to be able to determine if the taxes apply to all of that customer’s goods/services or just certain ones. USF and other fees would not get taxes for a person living in the city limits of city X, but their internet service would. If we performed network support for them, it would not get the franchise fee.

As jurisdictions get more and more into taxing, the system must be able to accurately reflect and collect taxes/fees.



In 1.1, you’ll be able to override taxes if you want to. You can probably solve your problem today by using ZIP+4 and checking out the ‘partial ZIP matching’ function in taxes if you want to.

You can already select which services taxes apply to - when you create the service, you select the appropriate taxes on it. This way you can apply the appropriate taxes based on tax type.

The final solution will be an integration with a third party taxing solution, which will be coming this year.


Sorry to Necro an old thread, but we are having some issue with Zip codes and tax rates.

For instance, Corte Madera in CA has 4 zip codes: 94925, 94939, 94964, 94977

Do I need to create a new tax area for each one? Or can I input multiple Zip code regions on a single tax area via using commas?

The person who created the tax zones made a mistake, and didn’t enter ANY zip codes, so currently any equipment purchase gets charged for every single one. Trying to fix this, but I have to change every single tax zone before I can see if it worked, and want to know I am doing it correct before I spend an hour on this.

Thanks for the help!


You’d create 4.


Thank you!