G-Suite Says Sonar Is Not Verified for Calendar Integration

Trying to integrate Sonar Scheduler with G-Suite (Google) Calendars. I was able to integrate with no problem (I’m the G-Suite Admin). The rest of the staff get the following error message from Google:

Sign in with Google Temporarily Disabled for This App
This app has not been verified yet in order to use Google Sign In.

I don’t find Sonar in the list of G-Suite third-party apps, so that may be part of the issue.

Does someone have experience with this to assist? Thanks.

If I remember correctly you might have to enable less secure apps in G-Suite.
If that does not work, please send us a ticket to support@sonar.software and one of us will give you a call to set this up properly.

Thanks Saied. Yes, I had to whitelist the Sonar web app in G-Suite Admin. It seems to be working now.