FreeRADIUS COA not forwarded to NAS


I know this is a FreeRADIUS question and not a Sonar question, but I’m wondering if someone here happens to have seen this before. I followed the coa example in the Sonar documentation, and Freeradius is receiving my disconnect request just fine and dandy, but it never forwards anything to the NAS. I confirmed via packet captures that nothing is sent from FreeRADIUS on port 3799. I’ve obviously done something wrong, but I don’t know what. Any thoughts?

Ready to process requests
(3) Received Disconnect-Request Id 84 from to length 81
(3) Acct-Session-Id = “81c000a3”
(3) User-Name = “adamtest”
(3) NAS-IP-Address =
(3) Framed-IP-Address =
(3) Calling-Station-Id = “E4:8D:8C:6D:11:A6”
(3) Called-Station-Id = “service1”
(3) Sent Disconnect-ACK Id 84 from to length 0
(3) Finished request
Waking up in 4.9 seconds.
(3) Cleaning up request packet ID 84 with timestamp +353


Are you sure all the home server stuff is setup in FreeRADIUS correctly? It won’t work if the NAS if still setup in the database or if any of that config is wrong.


read_clients = no in freeradius sql config, and the nas table is empty. I tried to follow the example precisely. I don’t know where I went astray, but I suppose I must have somewhere.


I added the new home_server and home_server_pool sections at the bottom of the freeradius default proxy.conf file. These can coexist with the default realms already defined in proxy.conf right?


Yeah, you shouldn’t have to remove anything other than whatever is documented inside Sonar.