Free data time


When setting up data usage plans, there is an option for Free Time. Where is the system pulling the time for the start and end periods? Specifically, how are we sure that the right TZ is used for the client and not a general TZ based on the ISP’s business office?


It is using whatever timezone you have configured in Sonar. There is no way to configure a different timezone for a client.


I can’t be the only one seeing the problem here.

Why would the assumption be that a provider only has clients in one TZ? This really creates some problems for expansion.

The service provider’s address is irrelevant. The service address is what is important. What this is saying is that companies that are headquartered in another state, can’t use this feature either.

Needs to be fixed.


Please submit it into the feature request tool if it’s something you’d like to see added!


Definitely needed.

As a company who is headquartered in one state and operates in others, this is a problem. Taxes, TZ, etc are all based on the service address.