Firefox tab crashing on Map


Firefox, on Mac OS X 10.13.6 and Ubuntu 18.01, are giving a “tab crashed” error when I load the Map page in Sonar. I think it happens as the Sonar data is being overlaid because it shows the underlying map data and the option boxes on the right, but then crashes about a half second later.

Is it just me? Chrome works. I just prefer Firefox this year.


Sorry, It looks like Firefox on Ubuntu now works. I’d have sworn it was not working. Maybe it is working again?

Firefox is the same version between OSes. 62.0.3

The primary reason I don’t like Chrome is that pretty much any Sonar page spins all four cores of the laptop CPU to 100%. That’s not good for battery life. Only Sonar does that to me, that I’ve found so far. It happens with both the billing software and the sales website.