Fees? When will we be able to create fees?

When will we be able to create a charge categorized as a fee?

I picture the “taxation” section having the ability to create taxes or fees since they tend to be similar in implementation. Fees would be things that are not allowed to be called taxes, for example: state e911 charges and USF charges. They could be applied to services in a similar way to taxes, and they would not fall under the “tax exempt” classification.

The invoices already have a section entitled “Taxes/Fees”.

Interestingly, I’m not sure if there are any current “fees” that are placed in that section. Even the late fees are listed as charges and not under the “fees” section.

[This thought process is a continuation of the conversation in this thread: Avalara vs Integrated Tax … there should be a fee classification that sets it apart from services.]

There’s no date on functionality like this existing at this point, but I would suggest upvoting any similar requests in Receptive so we can judge demand.

Nothing goes under Taxes/Fees that isn’t a tax - most people that are trying to circumvent this just create them as taxes inside Sonar.

I also tried to use a work-around to put fees in the tax section, but then all the tax-exempt accounts to not get charged the required fees. If the only real difference between a tax and a fee is whether tax exemption applies, perhaps there could just be a flag for whether the item is allowed to be tax exempt.

All Internet and Phone invoices I recall ever seeing have a section for fees. I’m not sure why there would be a need to “judge demand”, as this is a universal feature exhibited by all other bills I’ve reviewed. That being said, I’ll go dig through receptive and see if there are any existing requests to add to.


Purely a case of resource allocation. We can only build so many things at once, and having people submit and prioritize requests helps us gauge what to do first.

Is this coming with V2 by any chance?