Feature Request: Ticket Template

I’d like the ability to have ticket templates. When a customer calls in with a particular issue, the CSR chooses which template best fits and it drops in a bunch of formatted text with the information they need to include.

IE: For a voice problem, the ticket would be autopopulated with something like this:
Dialed number:
Dialing number:
Call direction: (Inbound or outbound from the customer’s perspective)
Equipment facilitating the service: (3CX PBX, Occam, Calix, Innomedia, Grandstream, etc.)
Port on Equipment facilitating the service:
Date of call:
Time of call:
Which party experienced the problem:
Description of the problem:

They could copy and paste that for each line with a problem.

For a wireless issue, they could pull things such as current and historical signal strength, modulation, etc.

Make it easier for the CSRs to not forget pieces of information.

I do see task templates, but that feels like a not good fit for this. Maybe that’s as close as I’ll get.


I think you should be able to use the canned replies in the ticketing interface. You can click on the Tickets on the left hand side, then click on Canned replies and set them up from there.

I can’t use a canned reply in an internal comment or internal ticket.

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Yeah task templates might be our only option now. I see what you mean and I’ll add this to our internal suggestion box for future integration.