Feature Request: Force portal reset or PW reset


We love the portal and are very excited for the update that allows us to have users set this up on their own. The previous users were given specific names and lame passwords in the expectation they will change them to more secure passwords. However I am sure that is not the case and so would like to have a feature that will force a password reset to those we already have set up with the portal. Or a way to reset all portal credentials or select certain user accounts to reset, without the need to go into each account and manually delete their portal info. Then we can pass out an email saying everyone needs to re-register with fresh info.

Nothing that is vital but something that I feel will be useful moving forward with this lovely beast that is the portal.



There is no update for that feature - it has always existed in the portal. If you want to have all your existing credentials deleted, you can do it via the API, or reach out to support and they can give you a hand.