Fcc 477


I ran our FCC filing report; however, I am unsure if it adheres to the new rule distributed 1/8/2020. The FCC requests-do not report the maximum downstream and upstream contractual or guaranteed data throughput rates available to business/ government end users in each census block. This is my first time completing this report. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Hey Susan,
The next v1 software update will address the changes that were made to the FCC forms but if you need to fill out the form right way you can just delete the last 2 columns and submit it to the FCC again. Feel free to send us a ticket at Support@sonar.software if you have any other questions.


So what does this mean? We have to wait until 1.8.1? When will that be? Before the March 1 deadline?


I think it will be addresses in version 1.7.47. While I can’t give you a date, I am fairly confident it will be before the March 1st deadline.


Thank you.