FCC 477 Reporting Error - Needs Advertised Speeds


On our system, we generally provision an extra 0.1 Mbps so customers can see a clean match for their subscribed speeds. For example, our 10x3 plan is actually rated at 10.1 Mbps down and 3.1 Mbps up. Then, a directly connected speed test will show 10x3 instead of slightly less than 10x3.

I was just notified by the FCC that they require the advertised speeds in their FCC 477 reports, not the actual speeds. The recognize and accept the practice of providing higher speeds than advertised, but the reports need to have actual speeds.

It would be important for services to have provisioned speeds and advertised speeds as two separate fields. One for the shaper, and one for reporting. I now need to manually modify and re-submit my reports as per their request.


Where are you using the speeds of the services directly for shaping?


We’re currently using it in Mimosa auto-provisioning, and soon Preseem.


We do the same thing. Using Preseem. Right now I just do a find and replace on the speeds in excel before submitting them for the FCC. Having a separate line that shows the advertised speed would be great.