FCC 477 form Generation Basis


What information is used for the FCC 477 Form Generation?

As stated in Sonar: "This tool will generate the fixed broadband deployment and fixed broadband subscription portions of the FCC Form 477 report for you. The report will be generated in the background, and emailed to you when complete.

The deployment portion of the report will be calculated based on the current locations you have customers installed at. It currently treats all services as residential."

What type of Status Accounts are Counted? Active only or are Closed accounts too? We can served the addresses that are closed account, but other created Status Accounts, like “IT/Computer Repair” are not important for this report.

Just looking to get a greater understanding of what is pulled.

Thank you



It will only pull active customers that have a data service.


Is there any way to modify this in a custom report?


No, it is much too complex of a query to run in a custom report. If you’re looking to get real service availability coverage, something like TowerCoverage.com is probably a better option for that part of the report.


Ok. Thank you. We are testing things with TowerCoverage.com now.