Exclusion / Blackout Dates for Auto Emails

I need the same exclusion capability that exists for delinquency… but for all auto-emails. Everything that falls on a holiday or exclusion day should just be delayed until after the exclusion. Auto-emails are an invitation for customers to contact you, and I do not want that. We work to respond to customers quickly when contacted, and Sonar causes us to respond to billing issues that could wait. I want all billing related emails to be held over a weekend (no bills or reminders on Saturday or Sunday), and held for every holiday. I don’t want customers receiving unsolicited messages unless we have some mass email that is necessary due to outage.

This year, Thanksgiving falls on a day 5 days prior to the 1st, when most of our bills are due. So, many customers received their “Payment due reminder” today. Now, I have to field emails and calls that come in as a result!

Regularly, the payment due reminder day falls on a Sunday… then, on a Sunday morning, I am fielding billing calls.

Please, oh please, implement this feature. I asked before receptive in the old forum category that is now gone. I asked in receptive that is now gone. I’ve asked support in the past. I don’t know why this isn’t considered a valuable feature.