Email Notification when Account Created - How To do this?


I have seen older conversations that an auto email sent when account is created has not been developed. Just checking in to see if it has been developed yet? I cant seem to find anything in notes or past releases.
We have integrated with our website and I need to be alerted when an account is created in Sonar.
Any suggestions would be great


I was checking under Accounts --> Communications --> Triggered Emails and the only thing I can find are ones for when you schedule a job or when you first activate them. I don’t see anything for account created.

What are you using to take the information from your website to Sonar?

Often the best method would be to trigger an email within the same process used to post data to SONAR.


Thanks that is what I found as well. For some reason I thought there might be something in a new release that I missed. I will figure something out. Thanks