Elevation / Azimuth addition....? CBRS

For CBRS we need the degree from the Account’s site to the Network Site. “Antenna Azimuth”

Is there any plan to add this in Sonar at all?? A good place to add it would be in the Elevation button.

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We don’t have this feature but would you be ok if we setup a call and show me how you are seeing this info now. Then I can forward this info to our developers.

we get a file from cnMaestro (Cambium software) That is an excel file. You input the AP and then the SM under.

it would use the AP’s lot and long and the SM’s Lat and long to get this Azimuth.

He is some random info and the formula they use.

This is what i have found that works with PHP.
$lat1 = $SM_LAT;
$lon1 = $SM_LON;
$lat2 = $AP_LAT;
$lon2 = $AP_LON;

$azimuth = (rad2deg(atan2(sin(deg2rad($lon2) - deg2rad($lon1)) * cos(deg2rad($lat2)), cos(deg2rad($lat1)) * sin(deg2rad($lat2)) - sin(deg2rad($lat1)) * cos(deg2rad($lat2)) * cos(deg2rad($lon2) - deg2rad($lon1)))) + 360) % 360;

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Thanks Joseph. I’ll get this to the right person. Appreciate you telling us about this.

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