Electronic contracts


Have a check box that the customer has to check to agree to the terms before they can submit the contract back to us… We also have other forms that we make our customers sign such as property modification waivers… that protects us when we have to drill holes etc at the residence or business… So maybe the option to have multiple electronic forms for them to sign… or forms that the landlord has to sign to approve the installation…


This is all great feedback, and we’ve taken note of it all. I think for the first release, some of these requirements won’t be met, as we’re trying to get it out ASAP so you can start using it, but we’ll definitely incorporate them as time goes on.


Currently we are using a combination of web apps to get the customer fropm point a to b.

Formstack: Customer inputs all service related data, selects plans, options and provides payment info.

Formstack sends the data via Zapier to Webmerge, were all the necessary fields are merged into a xls based order form and contract.

Webmerge then send such doc to Signnow where the customer receives a notification via email and a link so he can sign online (and in some cases fill some banking info). We and the customer get a pdf copy via email.

I can set up a dummy case for your evaluation


I think a lot of these complex implementations, where you’re including a lot of service information and dynamic details in the contract will not be available until some future update. We’ve been discussing this a lot internally, and we need to really lock down two things: What data can be inserted into the contract beyond the basics like account name, address, etc, and where does that data come from?

We have a few ideas, but we want to get the current version out and let people use it a bit so we can get some feedback.

Right now you can define templates that contain any fixed data you want. You can insert variables into them to represent the customer name, account number, address, that kind of thing. The contract gets attached to the account, and a link to sign it is emailed to the customer. They can sign online, or you can pull the contract up while on site and sign it on a phone, tablet, or laptop.

Once the contract is signed, the contract is emailed to the customer. The contract can have a term, and there are reports in Sonar to list unsigned contracts, expired contracts, and contracts expiring within X days.

I think for today, this will work pretty well for things like basic AUPs, terms of service, and other basic contracts where you’re essentially looking for the customer to agree to your fixed terms. For the types of contracts where you are specifying a cost of a particular service, or they are selecting specific values and you’re generating a contract for it, we really need to think more about what the workflow inside Sonar is for that. E.g. is the contract bound to an install, and it pulls the services from the install? Or do you pick them manually? Or some combination of the above, or something completely different? We really want to make sure we get that next phase of contracts right, so that it flows well and works for all your needs.

We’re fairly close to being done with 1.1, and there’s a number of other nice features in there that I think you’ll enjoy. I hope the electronic contract portion is useful to you in the current form, and we will be working hard to improve it as the year progresses.

There’s a very simple example of the contract interface below.


We discussed this recently, and what seemed to make sense to us, especially since the installers already have a laptop and touchscreen android phone in the truck, we would like it this way:

  1. Enter all information on laptop with keyboard (instead of using smartphone) (Our trucks don’t have touchscreen laptops)
  2. Do the signature part alone on the smartphone

Obviously everyone will have their own preferred method, but this seemed to make sense for our needs and doesn’t require any additional hardware from what most installers would have.


On another note, regarding OH&S, Pre-Job assessments, Fall Protection checks, and even Tower Rescue Plans.

Once the ability to sign is there, we could even have the technicians sign off on these items. Having these saved per customer site, and network site would allow to reference specific safety concerns at the sites for future visits.


+1 to having signatures from employees and such on tower work and etc.

Though I have no issue with signatures on multiple devices, all our techs have touch screen laptops and phones, and our sales team has tablets.


@simon, one simple request would be to be able to insert the Contract Term variable in the template. Also, would it be possible to have a two signature option for places that may require both parties to sign? That way we could send them the contract to sign, sign it ourselves, then consider it finalized. Going further, being able to reference custom fields in an account, both for contracts, tickets, or even mass mailings would be awesome.


Ability to insert editable fields on the contract would be amazing


Yeah, I think there’s a lot we can do here to make these better. Please keep the suggestions coming, we’ll be working on this some more in the near future.


One minor addition that would be hugely useful to us is simply allowing externally created contracts to be added for tracking.

I.E. Create a new “Contract” record with just a file attachment and manually entered termination date, optionally a Contract Name string or Type selection to categorize them.

We have many many contracts already with existing customers, in PDF form, and there’s no way to put this into their Sonar account that tracks their end dates. These do not need electronic signatures or to do any email to the customer, as that has all already been handled externally. If the customer can view them that’s a bonus, but not required.


This would be a great addition, as all of our contracts are currently in paper form and we are manually uploading them to Sonar. Having the ability to track the contract dates outside of the digital format would be a great option.


Is it possible to implement a similar feature for 2 other items.

Pre-Job Safety Check (and Sign Off) for technicians prior to starting job on site

  • Custom check boxes
  • Allow multiple signatures (more than one technician)
  • Could pull customer site info
  • Could pull safety specific notes made at prior visits

Tower Work Safety

  • Pull tower information from network site
  • Allow multiple signatures (more than one technician)
  • Pull safety specific notes for site that technicians would read before signing

This would allow a tracked history of site visits, and safety related items.


Maybe this has been mentioned already, but we’d like to have the option to be notified when a contract is signed. We are using a contract for our cancellation form. We’d like to get an email or have a ticket created when the customer signs it so we know when to go close out their account.


Pete, makes sense, I will add that to the list - those should be pretty easy to do for 1.2.

Jeremy, good ideas, I will add that to the list as well.


I see @Eron_Lloyd requested there be a two signature option…is this in the works? We would like to be able to sign the contract or have the signature already input on each contract before sending it to our customer.


Not yet, but we have a new feature request system in 1.4 - please submit this request there once it’s out, so we can track other features people are still waiting for as well!


Just bumping this to see if there’s been any development progress on the feedback so far. We’re about to implement a third-party service to provide better contract management, but still hope for more use cases available internal to Sonar.


Not yet, but we are getting a lot closer to 2.0. Things are going to pick up again drastically in new feature development once that’s out :slight_smile:


I would be interested also. As a VoIP provider we are required to get signatures for Numbers we are going to port. It requires some fields to filled out. If there is someone I can send an example Letter of Authorization I would be happy to provide an example.