Electronic contracts


Electronic contracts are coming in 1.1. We have a lot of the functionality built, but I’m hoping to get some feedback from you as to your use cases so I can make sure we cover most of them.

How will you use these when we release Sonar 1.1, and what are some of the critical things you need in contracts to make them useful?


When we have a client that is interested in service we email via Adobe sign - an installation contract that has them fill out specific name/address/etc. information that we want to collect.

It has a number of clauses where they must check a box next to each item, such as “I understand there is a $75/hour labor charge for custom work”.

There are also relational questions such as “I own property - I manage property - I rent property” and if answer is “rent” then they must fill out contact information for property owner.

At the end they have to sign the document. I’d be happy to email you a copy of the document or even send you via adobe sign so that you can see how the end user sees the document.


So in your case, you’re actually using it to collect data from the user, not just a signature. Are there any other kinds of fields you use other than select boxes and checkboxes?


In relation to this not really, just the text boxes, select box that enables/disables available fields, required/optional options and the checkboxes.


We are very excited about this feature. We haven’t had much luck with cudasign(SignNow).

We use SignNow every day with our customers. Everything from work orders to contracts are done electronically. The biggest feature we would need is a drop down menu for options. Such as where it lists the different types of contracts. We use drop downs for every section to avoid having the field techs have to type in data.


Can you give me some examples of the types of data selected?


Example: Bank ACH Authorization

We currently do this with a physical document, but it would be awesome to have it available electronically. Fields include:

  • Bank Name (text)
  • Account Number (double entry text for verification)
  • Routing Number (text)
  • Bank Phone (text)
  • Type of Account (check box)
  • Account Holder Name
  • Phone Number (phone formated text)
  • Effective date (date)

It would be very useful for some of these fields to tie to fields on the account (i.e., account number, routing number). For a document like this to be done electronically, I would want it to auto-generate a task for verification before turning on ACH payment for the account.

It would be useful to be able to attach an image to the contract (specifically, an image of a check for verification purposes). This is not, however, totally necessary.


The first picture is the contract overall. Every part that has “list” has a group of choices. I took some screenshots of some of the list options as well.


Example: Number Porting

We currently do this with a physical document. Fields include:

  • Customer Name (text)
  • Service Address (text, could verify against account)
  • Contact Name (text, could verify against account and add if necessary)
  • Contact Phone (text, could verify against account and add if necessary)
  • Number to be Ported (phone formated text, could add as DID)
  • Caller ID (text, 15 character limit)
  • Directory Listing (check box)

Again, it would be very useful for some of these fields to tie to fields on the account (i.e., Name, Contact Phone, Address, DID). For a document like this to be done electronically, I would want it to auto-generate a task for activating phone service [and verification before automatically adding phone service and a DID].

Also, it would be necessary to be able to attach an image to the contract (specifically, an image of phone bill for verification purposes).

Then, it would be necessary to generate a PDF of the completed contract including the image as the last page.


Wow, you guys are really asking for the world. I’d be happy just to have a contract and a signature that is attached to the account. :slight_smile: But as long as we are asking, it would be great to have the ability to place the services or packages on the contract based on the account information. We also have a client care contract that would be an accept or reject check box as part of the main agreement. $6.95 a month with free radio replacement, or $75 truck roll cost of equipment, etc…

We would also use the phone porting contract.


It may not be much more complex than that out of the gate, but please keep the input coming, as I want this to be useful, and not just a minor feature.


Will this contract feature have the ability to be emailed to the customer after signed?


Yes, it does that by default right now. We have a lot of the core structure of it built, and it essentially works like this

Contract is associated with a contact on the account. They are emailed a unique link to visit to sign it. You can re-email the link, see the link yourself, etc.

Customer reviews the contract, which can contain customer specific variables (e.g. their name, address, that kind of thing.) They sign it, we store the signature along with some metadata (their IP, browser, etc.) PDF is generated of the contract, which is emailed to the customer, along with being stored on the account. Customer can also login to the portal to view a list of signed contracts (or see outstanding unsigned ones.)

The details about the unique information you want to collect during signature was one of the things I was interested in, and you’ve provided a lot of helpful details here about the kinds of things you need there.


Any documents that they “sign” should also be made available to them in their portal account. Other good links to show them in their portal account are terms of service, AUP, billing policies, etc. This way they have a copy always available of their agreement and also have quick links to standard agreements.


It will be, I mentioned this in the post above. You’ll have the option to enable contract view, which would be unsigned, waiting documents, as well as previously signed ones. You could have them sign the AUP, etc, if you want it displayed there as well.

We’ve been discussing this list internally, and I think phase 1 is going to be pretty simple - contract templates, with some variables for things like the account name, address, account ID, etc. We’ll do a phase 2 to add drop downs and checkboxes and stuff, but I don’t think we’ll be able to build a system for that prior to release. Keep the feedback coming here though, as we will be pivoting back to this prior to 2.0, and I want to make sure we meet all your use cases.


Will the contract options have options for additional privileges? So to avoid someone deleting the info?


Signed contracts cannot be deleted by anyone.


So right now we print off all of our contracts and have them signed at the time of installation.Will there be some method of printing contracts off beforehand so that those customers who either do not have an email address, or those who do not wish to provide one, can still physically sign a contract?


They can be signed without an email, you could do it on an iPad or phone at the time of installation, or through the customer portal.

You could print the contracts today, but we haven’t really thought about using it in that way, it’s been built fairly explicitly to be used for electronic collection.


Also a facility where if a contract is missing client is disconnected or can be redirected to contract sign up page.