Echeck Declined Payments


We have been using IPPay to process Echecks for about 1 year. Until about 5 months ago, the API connection to IPPay would reverse the NSF/Declined checks in Sonar and email the customer regarding the failed payment.

I have contacted support, and they have said that the functionality is broken from IPPay to inform Sonar of the reversed payments.

Is there any future plans to integrate this back with IPPay? Is there a different Echeck provider that has the full functionality now?

It is becoming very cumbersome to reverse these payments, charge a NSF Fee, and contact the customers manually each time.


As far as I can remember we never supported IPPay automatic reversals on declined charges. I know this option is available for some other payment processors like
I believe a few months ago IPPay finished their API implementation but we have not yet integrated with it.I think this will be implemented once V2 is released.
More info can be found here: If you run IPpay eCheck - Check for Declined Payments


GoCardless said they have a webhook for failed payments. What would be the process to integrate that into Sonar for payment reversals, triggered emails?


You could technically have the webhook email you for any failed payments but I don’t think there is anyway to integrate this into Sonar. While i can’t promise you that the new IPPay echeck reversal will be integrated in V2, I think it will be considered once V2 is in a stable condition.


We’ve used IP Pay since we started with Sonar, I’ve never seen a reversed payment for echecks rejected. We’ve always had to do that manually.


Would love this as a feature


I went back and did some checking in our history of declined payments to see if I was wrong on this topic.

We started using IPPay in early 2018, and from then to about November/December 2018 there are Failed (Declined) EChecks in my Declined Charges Sonar report. When I click on the customer related to the declined echeck, they show a failed echeck for that day and no manual intervention was required. Sonar had also sent the “failed to process” email automatically to the customer when it failed. So this feature did work correctly for a short period of time.

I understand there is probably no way to get this resolved. I have been growing more and more impatient with the responses from Sonar as of late in general terms though. They seem to almost never admit failures on their end. It seems since development of V2 has increased, every response on the forum is short, and generic (wait for V2, it “may” be a feature then). I am sure many companies like ourselves cannot simply be told to wait for a “possible” fix. WILL IT or WILL IT NOT be integrated when V2 is launched? We have been waiting 6 months for a response to why we cannot monitor customer devices via PPPoE assignments… Wait until V2, it may or may not work then…

I really hope V2 is launched on time before the end of September, so we can get some real answers on the current and past issues we still have.


Hey Brandon,
As far as I know failed to process is completely different than an echeck that goes through and then bounces later because of insufficient funds.
I will give you a call later today to try to find a solution to some of these issues.


I completely agree. We moved from Powercode because of the lack of IPv6 and hopes to be working with a company that would actually be moving forward with us. We are also growing impatient as we try and grow with a company that uses v2 in the same way that Mikrotik uses v7. This is a service that we all pay for monthly, but lack of visual progress and common pass-offs saying “wait for v2” or “v2 will be better” is growing increasingly more annoying each time.


This is a separate scenario. The ECheck can fail instantly due to an immediate response from IPPay saying that it failed. This can be because the routing number is bad, or some other kind of issue they get an immediate response on. Things like insufficient funds are always successful upfront and failed later - this hasn’t changed.


I guess regardless, IPPay doesn’t work as we need. I have started the conversion to GoCardless for Echeck. Saied said they will do automatic reconcile via API.

@simon is this correct?


Yes, that is integrated into Sonar today.



Any chance you could provide a page on the Sonar site that shows all current integrations and their respective capabilities?

In regards to my V2 comment, maybe a thread with a weekly update on the progress of the new version would be helpful. Many companies are always wondering what is happening and it helps them plan their business decisions as well.


There’s not really anything interesting enough to talk about on a weekly basis at this point, as it’s mostly just checking features off the list that need to be completed. If you’re coming to Vegas, you’ll be able to see it though :slight_smile:


We will check it out there, thanks for the help.



This isn’t true, we do reconcile GoCardless payments. Was probably just a misunderstanding by someone there. GoCardless does require the customer to login and authorize the account setup though.