Early access begins!


We officially began letting people into early access this week, and the feedback has been tremendous. Thanks to everyone who's contributed input to and followed Sonar over the last few months - we're just getting rolling!

If you're still waiting for your early access key, don't fret - spend your time watching the Getting started with Sonar series on our Youtube channel. It'll take you through from your first login to completing your first billing cycle, and everything in between.

More keys will be going out next week - keep an eye on your mailbox. Thanks again for your interest in Sonar - the team here is very excited to start this phase, and we're glad you're along for the ride.


It is next week, I just didn’t make the cut.


Wasn’t a case of not making the cut! We’re taking it very slow in the beginning as this is our first time exposing Sonar to the public. I think after we let in the another couple, it’s going to ramp up a lot more quickly.