Dynamic IP endpoint


Is the dynamic IP endpoint API in Sonar going to be removed in v2? I’m hoping we can continue to use it.


I do not think so. As far as I know there will be a wrapper to make the V1 APIs work with V2.


I was just asking because the dynamic IP endpoint API is listed in the API documentation as deprecated in favor of the DHCP batcher. I would like to make sure that, although officially deprecated, it won’t stop working in Sonar v2.


Got you. I actually don’t know if a deprecated API endpoint will make it into V2. Is there a specific reason you can’t use the DHCP batcher?


We have eight Sonar instances, if we had to use the DHCP batcher we would have to set up eight new servers each running the DHCP batcher. If we only had one Sonar instance it wouldn’t be a problem.

As it is, we already have 8 pollers, and we live without payment portals on 7 out of 8 of those instances. I don’t want to have to have 8 batchers in addition to the 8 pollers, it starts to get taxing on our server infrastructure.


I wasn’t planning on it, but I’ll make sure it sticks around for you.

You could look at the endpoint the batcher delivers to as well, it’s fairly similar but might be harder to script w/ a MikroTik.