Does anyone else have this issue?


I put in a suggestion for a feature 8 months ago. Only 3 people have given it the thumbs up. Seems like a good solution to a problem I can’t imagine others aren’t having:
Admin level changes to completed jobs #50920 Please vote!

Also, I’m awaiting feedback on adding a start and end date for taxes. So our tax rate is changing, but if I put in the new tax rate, people will be charged wrong before the date since I don’t see a way to select which tax rate you want to charge. Need to have multiple tax rates with end dates. Add a start and end date for taxes #66327


It’s really hard to link to receptive suggestion from here. Clicking the link asks for a login. and nothing you do will log you in.

Anyone reading that wants to help:
Login to your SONAR instance and on the main home interface click “Suggest a Feature”
This will take you to the receptive site and automatically log you in.
Then click on the “Dashboard” on the left menu. this will show you all of the suggestions that people are asking for.

PLEASE take the time and help support. It really does seem to shape the development focus.


Receptive is terrible due to the reasons KC1 mentioned. For whatever reason, it logs me in as Sonar Admin.


The reason is that the name on your user account is ‘Sonar Admin’ - if you go into your profile and change it, it will update.