Do you use a custom sonar instance URL?


I never setup the sonar instance custom URL. I don’t see a use for it; but before completely dismissing it, I’m wondering if others use it and if so, why?

To be clear, this is the ability to have a custom URL so your employees can access sonar from a URL other than

Thank you, Chris


We use it for our company. For us, it makes sense that all of our software/services are always on our domain. It’s also easier for our techs to remember a single domain name for everything vs every service being different.


We’ve used it since day 1. I keep the portal running but not set as ‘enabled’ in sonar so customers get the easier to pay link directly to our instance without having to remember another username & password. That way customers who want to use the portal can, but for everyone else they can pay without remembering a login.


I had it setup early on, but when they added the portal I used that URL for the portal only, not for the Sonar instance. To be clear, are customers currently paying online by accessing your Sonar instance URL? How do you get them to your portal for ones who need to log in?


There’s a link on our website for “customer login” that goes to the portal, and any customers that ask how they can see past bills we tell them where to sign up.

Correct, 95% of our customers pay directly on our instance url, not the customer portal.


Do you know if there is a way to include the direct pay link and the portal link? Or, perhaps, does anyone know if portal V2 includes pay-without-account features?

Graham, thank you for the suggestion, I think your work around should be a built-in feature.


V2 portal still requires registration – I deployed it a few days ago. The only workaround I can think of right now is including the portal link on “additional information for invoice” or modify the email template to include a link to the portal if they’d like to register. We had to stop using 100% portal because our support load tripled from people not being able to keep track of another username/password.

I’m writing a companion app right now for Sonar and may include my own portal that does similar non-registration like the instance based billing does now.