Different "from" addresses needed


We need a way to have different parts of the system send “from” different addresses.

For example, billing notices and reminders, need to come from “no-reply@…”. We are having people reply to invoices, reminders, etc with support requests, out of office replies, etc. We don’t want these.

It would also be helpful to be able to have different email addresses that categorize for us:
support@… would create a support ticket.
billing@… would create a billing ticket.

But the no-reply is getting urgent.



you would need to setup forwards to the sonar Mailbox [randomemailuser]@sonarticketing.rocks


The first part is to just have the ability to have different outbound. The automatic messages need to have a no-reply@… address so we stop getting out of office notices and attempts to discuss things instead of creating a new ticket.


You can set any from address you want on any of the emails. It’s all under Accounts > Email Messages and Accounts > Triggered Emails.